Distributors of household EEE must offer a take-back service to customers when they buy a similar product. For example; if a customer buys a mobile phone, the distributor is required to take an old phone back free of charge.

Companies can do this by providing direct take-back, or by paying a fee to join the DTS (Distributor Take-back Scheme) in which case they are not required to take back items direct, but still must provide recycling information to their customers. Click here to download a more detailed summary of the Regulations, which includes information on distributor take-back.

Weee Link helps its producer members that are also distributors comply with their take-back responsibilities under the Regulations.  Some members will benefit from joining the DTS, whereas for others it will be best to offer take-back; we look at each member on an individual basis to determine the best option.

For members offering take-back, Weee Link can:

  • Provide literature which gives the required information to customers
  • Assist in setting up compliant waste management practices, such as registering the necessary exemptions.
If you are also a producer click here to join Weee Link